The Modern Rules Of Getting Cannabis Class A License Michigan.

class a license michigan

A class a license michigan will allow you to legally produce, process, and sell marijuana in Michigan. You can also transport cannabis products from one licensed facility to another. You need a separate license for each type of activity covered in this category, such as cultivation or processing. All licenses are valid for two years from when the department certifies your application but can be renewed without being re-certified.

Are There Any Prerequisites To Getting A Cannabis Class A License in Michigan?

If you get a class a license Michigan, you can legally grow marijuana plants on your property. You can also sell non-edible marijuana products such as tinctures, concentrates, and lotions. The state has a limit of 12 plants per licensee for outdoor cultivation, and plans are in place for every licensee to be required to have individual plant tracking from seed to sale from the start of 2017. Another requirement is an approved plan for disposing of wastewater from cultivation activities which usually involves using the water on another area of the property where cannabis is not grown. You will also need to have plans to ensure that waste material is disposed of in a manner that will not contaminate water.

How Much Does A Cannabis Class A License Michigan Cost?

The cost of class a license michigan is $10,000, and the license needs to be renewed every 2 years. The annual fee is $10,000. You will also have to pay a $1,000 application fee plus any other fees associated with your business, such as permit fees from local authorities and licensing fees from the Department of Agriculture. Ensure that your budget includes the costs for paying your staff and satisfying requirements set out by state law for employers, including obtaining workers’ compensation insurance, a federal tax identification number, and registration with the Social Security Administration. You will also need to pay for a business license from your local city or township, and you may be required to get other permits that vary from area to area.

What Are The Modern Rules Of Getting A Cannabis Class A License Michigan?

If you are interested in getting a Class A license and want to apply online, visit the Medical Marijuana Licensing Official website. It is important to remember that once you are approved for a license, it will take around 90 days until your application is deemed complete. Once approved, you can file a separate cultivation and processing license application. You must pay the annual fee of $10,000 per business, but they will be granted concurrently. 

Here Are The Some Of The Modern Rules Of Getting A Cannabis Class A License Michigan:

1. The Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department oversees the application process 

2. The application fee must be paid using a check-in U.S. dollars only. 

3. You have to declare your funding source before the deadline ends.

4. You have to pass a criminal background check .

5. Pass the license inspection. 

6. Provide proof of having insurance when required.

7. Provide identification and photographs of anyone over 18 years old, if required, for the application process.

8. Every applicant must file quarterly returns (or a financial report) with the state, documenting their actual sales for that period, including copies of tax returns for active businesses seeking licenses.

9. The state can inspect your operation 3 times a year, and you must notify them of any changes in the security measures your business is employing.

10. Any person who becomes a licensee must register with the state’s sex offender registry and the Michigan State Police if the individual has a criminal record that makes them ineligible to get a license.

11. You must post signs that say, “This facility is permitted to manufacture and process marijuana products” in areas approved by local authorities.

12. You must be licensed for all your locations.

13. There is no cap on how many licenses you may have at any given time.

14. You will be allowed to hire up to 3 additional employees if needed for the regulations on the license.

15. The state wants a detailed business plan with specific information about your products’ cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution.

16. You must also submit a security plan, including details about how to dispose of your waste material.

17. Every class a license michigan must keep their records for at least 15 years.

18. You cannot sell to anyone before you have an active license from the state, but you can only sell products in stock when it comes time to distribute them. 

19. You will be required to post signs that state “no loitering” and that patrons must have an ID card if they are over 18.

20. You must provide a map or something similar to indicate that there is no danger of cross-contamination in the area. 

21. You cannot keep any herb or seed variety types of medication.

22. Your license can be lost for failing to comply with the rules you are allowed to follow under regulations. 

23. Your operation can be temporarily shut down if there is a violation of state law 

24. If your facility has been closed for over 30 days, you will have 45 days to provide evidence to the licensing department. 

25. You can only have a dispensary with an affiliated growing facility; the two businesses must be licensed simultaneously.

3 Benefits Of Cannabis Class A License Michigan.

Dispensaries granted a license by the state of Michigan now have the opportunity to sell cannabis and cannabis-derived products. 

1. Marijuana has been said to be one of the most researched medicines on the market today. So not only are you getting a competitive edge over other businesses, but you are also benefiting from the fact that you will have an idea of what your customers want and expect from your products or services. 

2. The equipment and facilities for marijuana cultivation must meet the standards set by regulators. There is a difference between manufacturing and manufacturing in general. The cannabis cultivation license allows manufacturers to produce products through various means, including but not limited to growing, processing, extracting, and even drying (curing). In some cases, there is also physical packaging involved as well.

3. You can choose what your marijuana cultivation will produce. In some cases, you can choose to produce specific strains of cannabis. This can mean the difference between a more potent and effective product that delivers faster results than the competition and a weaker product that could result in undesirable side effects.

What Do You Need To Apply For A Cannabis Class A License Michigan?

To apply for your class a license michigan, you will need a business plan that details the equipment and resources you will use in your facility. This will include details such as the location of the land where you intend to grow and process cannabis, plans for disposing of wastewater, insurance policies, financial statements relating to the funding of your business, fire safety certificates, and proof that you have permission to be at the location on which you are growing cannabis plants.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Cannabis Class A License Michigan?

Processing class a license michigan: Once the application is submitted and all documents are verified, it takes the department about 5 weeks to certify your application. Once you have received your license, you must renew it every two years to maintain your legal status. Renewal requires recertification of the information that was provided during the initial application and a fee of $1,000. If you do not renew, you must reapply as a new applicant with all accompanying paperwork requirements set out at the beginning of this article.

If there is any change in your business structure or whichever activity you perform, you must submit a new application, but the application process is pretty much the same.


The cannabis cultivation license allows manufacturers to produce products through various means, including but not limited to growing, process, extracting, and even drying (curing). In some cases, there is also physical packaging involved as well. We hope you found this article on the information needed to apply for a cannabis Class A license in Michigan useful. Please ask questions in the comments section below or contact us for more information.


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