cocaine and weed


I’m not sure what the problem is with this one. It’s a statement that’s been said so many times that it’s sort of taken on the status of truth. So I’m not really sure where I stand on this, but I know that I’m not really a fan of the statement itself.

Cannabis and marijuana are both illegal substances in the US, but they’re legal and legal highs in much of Europe. And in fact, the two substances have been used for centuries in many civilizations.

The problem is that this statement is not self-aware. It’s not that you’re lazy, but it is a statement that you’re not allowed to write, and it’s not completely self-aware.

Well, if youre just gonna use the word “legal” to describe it, then yeah, it would be legal. There are different strains, and the legality of them varies by country. But if youre just gonna call it a “legal high” that is a little bit different. I think there is a difference between a legal high and an illegal one.

Well, it is legal to use these substances in the US, but its not legal to have a legal high. So, I feel like it depends on the country. I think the legal high in the US, like the legal high on weed, is the same as the legal high on cocaine.

I found this interesting the other day when I read about a study that found that the drug most people use on a weekly basis is cocaine. And, interestingly, the same study found that marijuana, which you probably already know is illegal in the US, was also more commonly used by people on a weekly basis than cocaine. And the same study found that there was no difference between recreational use of cannabis versus marijuana.

I wonder if this might be an under-reported finding. Maybe people, who don’t smoke marijuana, are more likely to be using it because they’re in the habit. Or maybe the legal highs are more like a legal high and the weed is like cocaine, so people are using the legal highs because they’re in a habit and they’re in a rush. Either way, I’m curious to see if this is really a real phenomenon.

While I’m not sure if this was just a random experiment, it’s a bit of a surprise. It seems that people are using drugs more to try to control their behavior while they’re not in a habit that they have to be. This is not the only time in life to try to control your body’s body. I think, in a way, people are putting drugs into their bodies to control their behavior.

Cocaine and weed are legal substances that can be used to temporarily suppress the urge to overeat or to gain a temporary sense of control over your actions. But they do not have the same effects as alcohol or narcotics. Even with the legal highs, Im not sure if its really a habit or a rush. I think it might just be a side effect of using them.

The only time I’ve ever tried to control my body was in the early ’90s when I was just a kid. I saw a bunch of pictures of the body parts I could grab and just grab them. I just saw that it was pretty much a whole different body. I was just trying to get some muscle out of my body. I was also trying to control my mind so that I could keep my head down while I was doing my job.


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