What Do Your Customers Really Think About Your Dispensary Owosso Mi?

Dispensary Owosso Mi

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, more people are using and discovering dispensaries in their towns. With this increase in demand comes the need for feedback from customers. We here at Dispensary Owosso Mi want to know what you think about our dispensary and its various products. We want to know if you believe that it is a quality dispensary or if you think we could be doing something better. What are our dispensary’s high and low points, and where do you think we can go from here? The more specific your answers, the more useful your feedback will be.

What Constitutes Good Customer Service in Dispensaries Owosso Mi?

Your budtender should be knowledgeable about the products and be able to answer questions regarding the products. She should be quick in responding to your questions as well. The budtenders should not get frustrated when asked a question or two by a customer. Who is a noobie to cannabis or has an open mind? Clients should not wait too long before getting the product they are waiting for. Dispensaries Owosso Mi needs nonbiased staff members who give honest answers, not political ones. The customers may not always agree with what is being said. But they have the right to hear it. So we, staff in this field, are obligated to allow them that right.

How to Deal with Customer Complaints in a Dispensary Owosso Mi?

If a customer complains about the product, the dispensary Owosso Mi should not brush it off. The staff should take this complaint seriously and make it right for their customers. If a patient believes there is an error in filling their order or if they think something was missing from their order, they should call the dispensary and speak with a manager. Dispensary Owosso Mi could have made a mistake on the order, or there could be something wrong with the product. They need to be able to fix this issue because they work in a business that serves all walks of life and has different needs.

What Do You Ask Your Customers in Dispensaries Owosso Mi?

Some dispensaries hand the customer their order and do not ask if the customer is satisfied. Dispensary Owosso Mi will ask the customer if they are satisfied with the product. If it matches what was ordered. They want to know that everything came out ok in their order because mistakes can occur at any time, no matter how good you are at your job. Suppose a patient has a question about adding an extra product to an order or removing a certain item. In that case, they can talk with their budtender to see what is possible and if that will be done as long as items are available.

How Do I Talk With Staff in Dispensaries Owosso Mi?

The customer should follow the basic rules for talking with staff in any place of business. They should first introduce themselves and see if the worker knows them or if they know them. Both parties must respect one another because no one wants to treated like dirt by someone who is supposed to help them out and improve their experience. If customers know that they will not treat like dirt. They will be more honest with their questions and concerns.

How Often Do You Give Freebies in Dispensaries Owosso Mi?

Freebies are a great way to promote your business, especially when you are not raising the cash from selling buds. All of your work does not go to waste, so why not give something away for free. Free samples can also be a great way to get people wanting to try the product line out. Giving them a free sample is a good way for customers to test their new product line and see how they like the new flavors and products.

What Products Do You Sell in Dispensaries Owosso Mi?

Dispensaries Owosso Mi has a huge variety of products and accessories to sell. They have pain relievers, tinctures, buds, edibles, concentrates, and many other varieties. So it would be hard to list them all. Depending on what is available in your area, you may have a lot more than others just because of the different types of products sold there. If someone needs a specific product that is unavailable at their dispensary, they can message the staff and ask if they can order it through them.


Every customer has a right to an honest opinion, and the dispensary Owosso Mi wants to give them what they want. If they are unsatisfied with our service, they can find another dispensary that best suits their needs. The value of your time and what you do with it is very important as you are one of our valued customers. We want to know what you think about our products, prices, decor, and anything else related to your experience at our dispensary. Feel free to write a review on any product or the store’s overall performance. We want public opinion on whatever is going on at this store. The more genuine answers we get from you, the more accurate picture we receive of how we are doing as a business.


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