weed in puerto rico


For over 20 years, the folks at The Wellness Center have been helping travelers find their way in Puerto Rico. We have been at the forefront of helping people who are sick, traveling to the islands, and bringing them back to health naturally. We have helped people avoid the problems that bring them down. Our patients leave with the strength and determination to live their lives in the sun and to live their lives in the way that they feel is their best.

Though we have all been doing some research on the island, there is no evidence that it’s ever going to be a problem. It’s like we’re having a drug problem. The drug is the same thing that kills people every day. You don’t see it, but it never stops.

We are not a drug company. We are not a medical company. We are a company that makes products that people love. We make products that are safe for the people that need them. But this isn’t just a problem in Puerto Rico. In Colorado, we have had a medical problem with our weed plant. As a result, people have started to die and we have had to send people to the emergency room. We have had to take down the power for a while.

People have started to die recently in Colorado due to an outbreak of marijuana smoke-related lung problems, after the marijuana crop was found to be contaminated with a strain of a deadly fungus called a “weed killer” that can cause lung tissue to die in a matter of hours. In the latest outbreak, more than 300 people have died and the number is expected to increase as the crop is pulled from the ground and air-dried.


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