vape mod carry case


When you’re building a mod, you’ll need a case to protect it. The vape mod carry case from Aspen by Thee Design is perfect. It’s a durable plastic case that can protect your mod, including the battery, while keeping out dust, dirt, and anything else that could damage it.

If youre into the “mod/mod” vibe, you might want to start thinking about some mods with a case. If youre the kind of person who likes building cool stuff and loves to protect it with an awesome case, you can’t go wrong with this case. It has a tough exterior, a nice case, and a nice zip to keep your mod safe.

The Aspen case is made of durable plastic with a nice case. It has a zip for easy access to the mod and a zippered pouch to keep your mod out of the way of the rest of your gear. The zip has a lock that can be opened with a pin, and the pouch has a built-in carrying strap that you can use to hold your mods when youre in a hurry.

You can also pack your vape mod with a few other items, which include: A USB cable that has an included remote control, a case, a charger, and a carrying case.

In its new case, the vape mod with a USB cable works a lot like a USB stick. You can plug it in, and it will wirelessly sync up your vape mod and the mod controller, so you won’t have to connect the two yourself. Also, the remote control acts as a map for where you can plug in your mod and let it sync up.

For those of us that have a mod, this is a super awesome idea and one that we thought about a lot. I love the idea of being able to pack a lot of different mod types into a case, and the fact that it’s all under one roof will ensure that they all work well together. As well as being practical, the fact that you only need to carry one mod in one hand is also cool.

The case itself is made of aluminum. You can use it to carry a lot of different vape mods and they all hook up to a single port on the side. I also love the fact that they make it possible to easily modify the case, making the mod larger or smaller, and have it all sync together. You have to have an adapter to plug your mod into, but it’s a very useful and cool accessory.

The mod itself is pretty obvious. I’ve never seen one, but I know of some mods I could use and that will be a good start. It’s a pretty easy mod to set up, and its easy to set up in your home.

It’s also very easy to get rid of. Once I figured out how to change its configuration, I could just go to the manufacturer and change the port, but other than that its a really nice little accessory that I could easily use.

I use that mod a lot, it plugs into any socket available, and I find it to be the easiest way to get my vape to last me awhile. One thing I like about the vape mod is that it has a built in battery, so I don’t have to worry about needing to find a charger. I was just doing a little research and my search for “vape charger” turned up a number of products on Amazon.


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