section 6 3 biodiversity answers


This section answers my question about the biodiversity of things a woman makes her living out of. She has a lot of them.

A woman who makes her living out of things has a lot of them. She makes her living out of them (bacteria, fungi, and animals) because she can get her hands on them at any time. I remember some time ago, after we’d found a fungus on the floor of the kitchen, I asked Jadyn if she had any fungi growing in her kitchen. She replied, “You mean like mushrooms?” To which I replied, “No, mushrooms.

One of the big problems with living in a house is the fact that you can get into a lot of things when you’re not looking. There are a lot of animals, plants, insects, and stuff you can’t see. I have seen a lot of these but I also have seen things I wouldn’t even have imagined existed.


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