plants in fiji


Every week, I receive a new set of photos from my friends and colleagues in Fiji. It is truly a lovely place with some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery on the planet. You can see a lot of beautiful, green, tropical flowers all year long.

I’m always amazed by the diversity of the flora of Fiji. While the flora of Fiji may seem familiar, the flora of Fiji has a lot to do with its diversity. In Fiji, the main plant species is the butterfly. Its diversity can be seen from afar, but it’s not an isolated thing.

One of my all-time favorites is the cactus. Every one of us has at least one cactus growing in our yard. The cactus here, in Fiji, is one of the most diverse of all, and it can grow at a wide variety of heights. The cactus here has the largest flowers that you can see in the entire world, and there are dozens of varieties within that range.

Cactus can be found throughout the world in a number of different climates, from the tropics to cold climates. Some of the best cacti we’re exposed to are found in the tropics, and as you can see from the video below, the cactus we’re exposed to in Fiji is extremely diverse.


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