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We need to continue to educate and inform people about the medical benefits of medical marijuana and the possible legal consequences of doing so. People need to understand that the government needs to reevaluate the current laws on medical marijuana as it relates to the current drug war and the current laws on medical marijuana.

What would we do without the government? We would be living in a world without a government. We would be living in a world without a drug war and without the government that controls it. We would be living in a world without a drug cartel and without the government that controls it. We would be living in a world without a government that controls it and that could never do anything to us.

Unfortunately, the United States of America is still the nation that needs laws on medical marijuana. It has been one of the largest sources of revenue for the state-run prison system since 1996, and there are still more people behind bars for marijuana use in this country than there are people on the streets selling it.

This is exactly why medical marijuana is so contentious and why the government is so adamant about not allowing it. We don’t have an active drug war because marijuana prohibition has always been a political issue. The problem is, this issue is getting worse by the day because the federal government has so many laws and regulations on the books that it doesn’t recognize the existence of a medical marijuana card unless you have one.

The federal government has been on a war against marijuana, because it is still a Schedule I Controlled Substances. It was created to be a Schedule I substances because it has no currently known medical use and is extremely dangerous. The federal government has been making it very difficult for legitimate medical marijuana patients to get their cards, because they are not even allowed to get them unless they have a medical marijuana card.

The problem is that just because a doctor has certified that a patient has a medical marijuana card does not mean they can legally recommend marijuana to their patient. In most states, medical marijuana is only recognized if the patient is a first-time user with no history of other drugs. Thus, many people who have legitimate medical needs for their medical marijuana card won’t be able to get one because they don’t have any other medical conditions or issues.

If your doctor recommends medical marijuana but you’re not sure if you’re a first-time user, then you should make sure you’re a first-time user before applying for a medical marijuana card. There’s no way to know if you’re one without seeing your doctor.


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