marijuana powerpoint


Marijuana is the most controversial substance in the world. To a large degree this is because of the way it is used and the way it has come to influence our culture. The use of the drug in any form is illegal under federal law in the United States.

The DEA estimates that about half of all Americans use marijuana at least once a week. And that is an absolute fact. However, while the use of marijuana can cause a great deal of harm to both users and bystanders, there are still many who are using it. And those people are not just in the United States. A recent article in the National Post says that more than half of all marijuana smokers in Canada are from Europe.

It’s the same as the use of drugs in the United Kingdom. But there is a problem with those who are using marijuana. It doesn’t seem to be as easy as smoking marijuana. It’s a good thing because the federal government is doing plenty to help those who are trying to make a living from the drugs.

The problem is that marijuana has become the biggest and most used drug in the world, so that means that those who have tried to make a living from it are still dealing with it. It’s not just weed that people use, it’s the way that weed seems to have gotten used to being used in a way that no one else has ever done.

The reason that people use weed is because someone who had high tolerance for it was more likely to be addicted with it than someone who had low tolerance. Being addicted to weed has an effect on a person’s life, but if you’re addicted to weed, it makes you more likely to use it. And that’s why people don’t use weed for anything other than sex or to get in a bad mood.

If there’s a drug called marijuana, people probably have to go to the doctor for a medical evaluation. But if you’re addicted to drugs, then some people might try and go to the doctor. In this case, it’s unlikely that you are addicted to marijuana, because people don’t have the ability to stop what they’re doing and can still get into a bad mood. And the fact that you’re addicted to it doesn’t make you more likely to use it.

If you are already in a bad mood, why even try and get into a bad mood again. You dont have to start smoking weed. I dont mean to be disrespectful, but if you were already in a bad mood, you can just do other things to get in a bad mood. You could do something like playing a video game and just keep playing. Like just keep playing, or just do whatever youre doing.

I know, I know. “Just do other things to get in a bad mood.” Ok, I agree, but let me ask you a question. If you were already in a bad mood, and someone told you to do something as a way to get into a bad mood (like a video game), would you do it? I mean, if someone told you to do that, would you do it? I dont know. I think it would depend on the situation.

Yes. In a way a video game is exactly the same as getting in a bad mood. The only difference is that, you know, you can’t actually do anything while playing a video game because you’re locked in a room having a bad day.

And that’s true for any video game, not just video games. I mean, it is possible to get in a bad mood, but to actually do something about it. If you were to get into a bad mood right now, and there was a way to get out of it, would you do it? No. But, you would have to think of the situation at hand.


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