Low-concentration CBD oils to help you relax


CBD oils are available in concentrations ranging from 5% to 40%. You will choose a low or high concentration depending on your needs and the effects you are looking for. Each one has natural virtues adapted to specific situations. In this article, you will discover the benefits of low-concentration CBD oils and how to consume them properly.

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CBD oil: what are we talking about?

What is a low concentration of CBD in the oil?

CBD oils are more or less enriched with cannabidiol. As a result, their effects are more or less intense for the consumer. Oils are considered low concentration when they have 5% or 10% CBD. These are the lowest percentages of cannabidiol dosage. It can be a broad spectrum, full spectrum or isolate CBD oil.

As a reminder, broad-spectrum oils contain all cannabinoids except THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. This is also the case for full-spectrum oils with low THC content. Isolate is pure CBD, isolated from other hemp plant components. Low-dose cannabidiol oils offer targeted effects to meet a specific need: relaxation.

Who is it for?

Low-dosage CBD oils are perfect for people suffering from mild and occasional stress, people wanting to relax naturally, people having difficulty concentrating, people wanting to calm their minds, and people wanting to release muscle tension.

The relaxing benefits of low-dose CBD oil

As you know, CBD is a molecule extracted from the hemp plant full of natural virtues. Unlike THC, which makes up recreational cannabis, CBD does not cause high hallucinations or addiction. Instead, it is a substance used to promote your daily well-being generally, just like a food supplement. It is, therefore, perfectly legal to consume CBD in the UK and Europe, as long as the final product does not contain more than 0.2% THC.

Oils enriched with 5% or 10% CBD have interesting natural properties for a calm and serene mind. They are conducive to achieving a state of intense relaxation and reducing the onset of temporary stress. They help you slow down your thoughts to concentrate better and improve your internal well-being. They also help to ease muscle tension so that you can relax better. This is due to the action of CBD on your endocannabinoid system.

The low-concentration oils thus play a regulating role in your mind to find calm, peace of mind, and let go. But they also regulate physical tension to help your muscles relax. So you benefit from a natural alternative to relax after a long day of work or before an exam, a public speaking session, a competition…

Using low-concentration CBD oil to benefit from its soothing effects

The best way to benefit from the relaxing effects of CBD oils is sublingual. This means putting a few drops of oil directly under your tongue and letting them penetrate for 1 minute. The dosage should be adapted to your weight, needs, and metabolism. Indeed, reactions to CBD intake can vary from one individual to another. Therefore, starting with low doses (for example, 2 drops) is necessary to evaluate the effects felt.

If necessary, you can then increase the number of drops or doses. For optimal consumption, it is advisable to consume your low-concentration CBD oils in 2 or 3 doses (morning, noon or evening). Knowing that the effects last for 6 to 8 hours. 

Note that by sublingual route, the soothing benefits of CBD are faster to act (count 15 to 30 minutes). But it is also possible to mix your CBD oil in culinary preparations or drinks. In this case, the action is longer to be felt.

Find the best CBD online.

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