How do you sell to a dispensary?

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If you are planning to sell your product or service in a medical marijuana dispensary, it is going to take some time for you to find out about the different steps involved and how they can help your company. In addition, medical marijuana dispensaries can be difficult for new companies and individuals because they are often very selective in what products are allowed. And while there is no guarantee that any company will succeed. The following these tips may help you make an excellent first impression with the dispensary staff. In some cases, your product or service may be rejected by marijuana dispensaries. It is usually important to know when this will occur. However, if your solution differs from what the dispensary is looking for. You can still be approved if you use these tips to your advantage.

When deciding what kind of product you want to sell, consider how it will help solve the medical problems many of their customers are experiencing. You can also make your product or service look good by showing the dispensary staff that it has been designed with medical marijuana in mind.

1. Remember the different kinds of medical marijuana dispensaries.

First, you should brush up on the various kinds of cannabis dispensaries before you go to your first meeting. Some dispensaries allow medical marijuana patients to buy medicine from other individuals and companies, especially regarding edibles and oils. However, there may be no chance for this if the dispensary does not allow smoking or growing marijuana plants for edibles and oils. In these cases, you may want to find out how many different kinds of cannabis dispensaries there are in your area or a nearby area so that you will know where to sell your product or service if it is not allowed by one particular dispensary.

2. Understand the different payment methods that they may require.

Different types of companies and individuals are allowed to sell medical marijuana, and the type will depend on where you live. In certain states, dispensaries will only accept cash from buyers, but in others. It is possible to make a bank transfer for them to take your money. Some dispensaries will even accept credit cards for payments. Suppose you plan on selling medical marijuana products. In that case, knowing the type of payment you can use with each dispensary is essential to ensure your customers get the product they want without an issue.

3. Know how many hours they operate during the day and night.

Most medical marijuana dispensaries have different hours open during the day and night. You should know what the hours will be before you attend the first meeting. If your company or product cannot be sold during certain times. You should let their personnel know before they give your product or service to their customers. If they are not open when you need them to be, each party needs to understand what the other party’s schedule will entail for it to work out.

4. Consider building a website for your company or product.

If you plan on selling your product or service in a medical marijuana dispensary, having a website for your company or product can be helpful. If you already have a website or blog with information about your business and products. Take the time to make sure that it is designed in a way that looks professional and shows off what each product or service can do. You can also have the website tailored to show the staff what payment methods they can use when purchasing your product.

5. Get professional resources for your business.

Finally, consider getting professional help if you plan to retail your company’s products through dispensaries. Many people may think that help from others will cost them more money, but this can be the case if they are inappropriate. In most cases, professional resources will ensure that you get the help you need for your products or service to be sold to cannabis dispensaries. This can be especially true if your products or service are not easily recognizable or are very large.


Selling to a cannabis dispensary is often difficult for many companies and individuals. And even though you may not be accepted at first, it is important to use the tips above to market your product or service when you find out that you are being rejected from selling to a particular dispensary. Another important thing to remember when selling your products or services in a medical marijuana dispensary is that professionalism and efficiency are crucial if you’re going to be able to succeed as an entrepreneur.


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