drug dealer synonym


The term drug dealer is actually a slang word that comes from the word dealer. Drug dealers are often referred to as drug dealers because they are usually arrested and charged with a crime related to dealing drugs.

The more I read about drugs, the more I think this is a perfect way to describe a drug dealer. The more I read about drugs, the more I think this is a perfect way to describe a drug dealer.

I have to laugh at the way some drug dealers refer to themselves. They are known for selling to people who are addicted to drugs. In a way, they are the definition of a drug dealer. And what’s more, they are drug dealers by choice. They don’t have to be addicts themselves. If they were addicted, they wouldn’t be able to be so successful.

You don’t need to learn how to deal drugs. They can be purchased by anyone even the most basic of people. Most people have tried to sell drugs. I know many people who have tried to sell drugs, but they can’t because they are not drug addicts.

I guess in my opinion they should be called drug dealers, but that would be a bit un-geeky. They are drug dealers because they chose to be. And I think drug addicts are probably more well-known as they are more visible, but thats because they are more dangerous. However, I think drug addicts are more well-known as they are more visible and more dangerous, so I’m a bit more comfortable with them being drug dealers.

You see when I’m talking about drug addicts, I’m talking about people who sell drugs, but are not addicts. A drug addict is someone who uses drugs more than they want to use them, and then eventually they stop because they can’t get high anymore. In other words, a drug addict is not a drug dealer, because they use a substance, but they also don’t use it as a way to get high.

So it is a bit easier for me to just write, “drug addict”, when Im talking about drug dealers. Im not trying to say that a drug dealer is not a drug addict. Im not saying that a drug dealer doesnt use drugs. Just like a drug addict, Im not saying a drug dealer uses drugs more than he wants to use them, and then stops because he cant get high anymore. There is a spectrum in between these two.

There is also an entire website devoted to describing the many different types of drug dealers. I highly recommend checking out the drug dealer synonyms page.

A drug dealer might abuse drugs, but he might also use them to keep his money. This is the type of drug dealer that we are talking about in this article, the one that uses drugs like a habit instead of an addiction.


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