cbd pronunciation


I always thought that the word “cbd” is only used in the context of the “cannabis” plant. It’s a plant which is “cannabis” in the technical sense, and I had always thought it was a plant that is grown for use as a “cannabis” product.

If cbd is a plant, it’s a weed, and for fun I was able to find out that the official word is “Cannabis sativa L”, or “cannabis sativa”. This is the same word that is used in the legal sense for cannabis on the street, which is a term that most people would just call weed.

It’s important to remember that this is not a medical term, meaning to take out a specific drug (like cannabis, for example) or a medication. A drug is a substance that gives or kills a person. Drugs have the same properties as alcohol, and for good reason. For instance, the drug is called amphetamines, and it has a unique mechanism of producing high blood cholesterol (cholesterol in the human body).

Drugs are also called a “controlled substance,” a term which most common people would probably just use as a term for a pill. But it’s important to know that this is not a legal term for a drug. It’s just a term for a substance that people can buy and legally buy.

Drugs are controlled substances and are illegal. And they are just the thing that people can buy legally, but they are not the only thing that people can buy and legally buy. People can buy and buy anything these days, and that includes things that are illegal. And because drugs are illegal, they are illegal for a reason. That reason is the fact that they are dangerous. And they do not have any of the qualities that we typically associate with a drug.

The people who buy drugs are the ones who sell them. In a few years, many of us will buy drugs and sell them to some of our friends and family. Or we will get drunk and find ourselves a drunk. Or we will go on a date and find ourselves a drunk and try to get drunk. People will also buy drugs once in a while, and then it will be a habit.

A lot of people think that buying a drug is a bad thing. They have no idea why. Buying a drug is just like buying any other product. Buying a drug is like owning or using a car, the only difference is you have to pay the dealership to buy the car and they have to pay the dealership to sell the car. They are not necessarily bad things to do. They might be bad things to do if you ever have to do them again.

What we’re talking about here are the people who are not very interested in drugs and alcohol. They are interested in drugs and alcohol because they are a way to relax and be creative and to get drunk. Just like using cocaine or binge drinking. You can do whatever you want to do with cocaine or alcohol and no one will care or stop you. The only difference is you can’t really go do anything with it.

No one will care about you like you cant go do drugs and alcohol. People that care about you don’t even care about you. They just want to be friends with you.

cbd is short for cocaine and alcohol. It is an acronym for “cocaine, cocaine, and alcohol” which is the combination of the words “cocaine” and “alcohol”. This is because cocaine is a legal drug, but its effects are not. A person who is addicted to cocaine can get high without the fear of getting caught. The same is true of alcohol. Alcohol itself is not a drug of any kind.


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