body buzz


There is no such thing as a “body buzz.” It’s a feeling. It is the sensation of the body. The body is a sensation. We all have an internal sense of who we are, what we are about to do, and what the best way is to make the best decision for us. The body is our most powerful and important sense of self.

For most of us, the body is a pretty vague part of who we are, but there is a sense of self that is not so very different from our mental selves. We have all had body-conscious thoughts, actions, and dreams. We have all experienced this as a sense of identity, but it is also a sense of who we are. We are what the body experiences.

We are our bodies—literally and figuratively. We are what we do with that body. We are what we eat, wear, breathe, and move. We are what we think, feel, and experience. And we are all unique individuals with our own bodies.

In a certain sense, we are all bodies. We are all souls; all the way down to the very DNA that makes us who we are. However, there is a difference between a body and a soul. A body is a physical thing, a human body that is alive and physical. A soul is a feeling experience.

Our bodies are made up of cells that are constantly being recycled. All cells in your body will eventually die and be replaced. Our bodies are made up of cells that perform specific functions for us. For example, your heart is made up of cells that actually pump blood throughout your body. Your brain is made up of cells that actually think for you. Your muscles are made up of cells that actually move your body. You have a brain, a heart, a liver, and a kidney.

And when you die, those cells are replaced by cells that do specific functions for another person. Your body will then die, and that person will eventually have a brain, a heart, a liver, and a kidney. No matter how long you’ve been alive, and no matter how much you’ve changed your body, the same set of cells will be around to perform the same functions for another person.

The body is like a machine, but we haven’t figured out how it works yet. We can’t control the cells or the brain or the heart or the liver or the kidneys. So when we die, we aren’t in control of them. So you have to be in control of your body as it dies. This is why death is scary. Death is scary because we’re leaving our bodies behind.

Body bussing and the body’s self-awareness are two pretty basic concepts. But we don’t have good insight into how to actually perform the bussing when we die. We don’t know what the brain does on a corpse. We don’t know what the soul does. We don’t know if we’ll be able to see the body when it dies. We don’t know what the body thinks, feels, or does when we die.

This is why body bussing can be a real pain. If you let the doctors do all the work, then there are basically two choices. You can either let the doctors die with you or let them go into a vegetative state, which is basically being dead without feeling or thinking. If you choose the second, then you are basically unable to control how your body dies. This is why the medical community is very cautious when they talk about letting people die.


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