a $1 per unit tax levied on consumers of a good is equivalent to


$5 per unit, not to mention to be charged for every dollar.

Why would someone pay this? It’s like a tax on anything they buy.

I don’t think you can get too much more than that.

A lot of people are a bit of an emmph, but I’m pretty sure it works.The only thing that really sucks is the fact that they’re not paying it.

The idea that the government can charge money to people is a pretty big concern. With the economy in such a bad state, the government has been doing all kinds of things to try to stimulate things. A lot of the initiatives are designed to reduce the cost of the dollar, making it more costly for Americans to spend. The government has even instituted a tax on a gallon of gas to try to encourage people to buy more fuel.

In the case of a $1.00 tax, that’s about $1 more than the average family of five. We can see it’s a huge issue. We’re in a situation where the government has been doing exactly that for the past two years. It’s as if the government has been trying to take away people from their families and put them on welfare.

In other words, government can work and also fail at the same time.

For the average family of 5, the tax rate is really low. But in the case of a 1.00 per gallon tax, that’s almost $1,000 in additional spending for a family of four. We can see why this was a problem.


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